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Polyethylene Feed Bins and Tanks - Prairie Pride Ltd.

Prairie Pride has been a manufacturer and distributor of equipment for the Hog and Poultry Industry since 1981.  With over 30 years of experience in the Hog and Poultry Industry, we understand the unique needs and challenges of growers and we strive to meet all their requirements by producing quality products that are designed especially for their industry.
Prairie Pride poly feed bins and portabins are made from polyethylene plastic - highly durable for rugged use and stands up against extreme temperatures and conditions.  Our poly feed bins are a better solution for today's hog and poultry farmers - they are corrosion resistant and come in a range of sizes.  Poly feed bins also are ideal for DDGs feed with its smooth interior and large opening. Our feed bins have resulted in significant savings for producers who have replaced galvanized steel bins with our poly bins.