Good Farm Management

Flo-Rite Advantages:

  • Fits in the majority of bins from bolt together to welded steel bins.
  • Ease of installation over the cable mount system where it is difficult to get best placement and positioning for proper function.
  • Flo-Rite keeps material flow even through the bin which reduces separation of mash feed and gets complete clean out of the feed in a bin, first feed in is first feed out.
  • Flo-Rite works in bins from 55 to 67 degree angles and up to 9’ dia.
  • Flo-Rite cone tips must be between 2”-3” away from the side wall of the bin to work.
  • Flo-Rite is a simple cost effective way to keep feed flow and an even feed flow. 

How does it work?

When the auger turns on and feed starts to move the feed above the Flo-Rite as it comes down applies pressure to the Flo-Rite. This pressure causes the Flo-Rite cone tips to move away from the pressure and into the feed on the opposite side. The Flo-Rite cone tips break the bridge of feed which occurs within about an inch of the bin wall. Once that bridge is broke the pressure of that feed above coming down now causes the Flo-Rite to move back in the other direction. This constant slow back and forth and around motion keeps material flow moving evenly. 

When does Flo-Rite work?

Flo-Rite works on the majority of regular feeds and in the majority of bins with a 55 – 67 degree taper as long as the cone tips are in the 2” – 3” range from the bin wall.


Flo-Rite works well in many applications but in some of the following circumstances may not solve your problem:

  • Bins with dents in them where the Flo-Rite cone tips are to work and above that area.
  • There are so many different feed mixtures and some just don’t want to flow. However in many circumstances the Flo-Rite has worked and is a relatively cheap test to see if it does solve what is a large problem.

Translucent white color

Allows easy viewing of feed levels.

Saves the need to climb to the top of the bin to view level.

Healthier herd by never running out of feed.

Saves integrator money by enabling feed truck to top off bins while on the farm.

Seamless Poly-Bins

Allows for virtually maintenance free bins for entire life.

Reduced maintenance costs.

Frees up farm labor to tend to other chores - saves money!

White poly reflective properties No mildew, rot, or spoiled feed! Heat & condensation build-up is dramatically reduced.

Reduced risk of infection!

Reduced risk of disease!

Healthier herd means more money to the grower!

Smooth, corrosion free finish

No rust, cracking or peeling. Long life up to 26 years compared to 12 years with metal bins.

Feed does not funnel when unloading, reducing separation.

Saves on maintenance and replacement costs.

Minimizes feed waste.

Improved feeding performance.

Structural design highest in the industry at 85 lbs/cu/ft. with spring loaded lids

Holds more feed, without risk of the lid being left open to the weather.

Fewer feed calls, and less risk of spoilage allowing the grower/labor to tend to other chores and lessening the risk of disease and infection.

Can you afford metal bins?!


    Costs Cumulative Costs Costs Cumulative Costs
Year 1 Purchase Price $4,000 $4,000 $2,500 $2,500
Years 2 - 12 Maintenance
Lid Replacement
Auger Repair
0 $4,000 $2,060
($318 every 4 years due to corrosion) ($150 every 2 years due to moist/moldy feed) (Average $206 ea. yr.)
Year 13 Replace Bin 0 $4,000 $2,500 $7,060
Years 14 - 24

Lid Replacement


$4,260 $2,060
(Average $206 ea. yr.)
Year 25 Replace Bin 0 $4,260 $2,500 $11, 620

Over the life of the Polybin, you save $7,360!

Plus, you will . . .

  • Reduce feed outages…which cause animal and asset performance loss
  • Know your feed inventories
  • Reduced labor costs on maintenance and inventory
  • Improve animal performance with uncompromised feed quality